What's required for identification

It is a requirement in Law that your Dog must be identifiable if in a Public Place.
In training it is a requirement for your Dog to attend classes with the correct identification and in order to complete of all KC Courses. 

The wording is as follows:

"It is a legal requirement to inscribe the name and the address of the owner on the collar or on a plate or disc attached to it. Furthermore it is a legal requirement to clean up after your puppy in public areas and dispose of the bag in an appropriate bin. Note: Even if a puppy is microchipped, you can be fined if your puppy is not wearing the correct Identification. Telephone numbers are not compulsory but can be very helpful in returning your dog back to you in an emergency."

We advise the following be on a tag:
  • Owners Name (can just be surname)
  • House Number
  • Street Name
  • Postcode
  • Contact telephone number

This is a great visual guide produced by the Kennel Club to refer to when ordering your tag.

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