Our Gun dog training is truly positive, fun and kind and about as far away from purest gun dog training as you can imagine.
We work with pet dogs having a lot of fun and run a mixture of weekly regular groups, guest workshops and 121 trial lessons or to work on a specific element of the training.

What we'll cover:

  • Use of a whistle for recall and stopping
  • Holding many items though clicker training and fun 
  • Teaching retrieves
  • Progressing the retrieving and directional work via many lessons
  • Loose lead walking
  • Stays, social skills and obedience around distractions
  • Steadiness around dummies and other dogs retrieving

This is what people thought of our Gundog Training lessons:

"Daisy, coming from a gun dog breeder, has a passion for retrieving. But, I preferred the more relaxed style of training at Little Orchard to the strict form at recognised gun dog clubs." - Derek Richings and Daisy the Black Lab.

"Sam, being a very big bouncy Labrador, from working parents, has benefited from the Little Orchard gun dog sessions. The style of gun dog training has really suited Sam and with the fantastic support of the trainers at Little Orchard he is really beginning to show his true potential. Its a very rewarding type of training and strengthens the bond between you and your dog." - Claire Hodgkin and Sam the Yellow Lab

If you are interested in having some fun with Gun dog training we advise a 121 half hour training assessment tailored to work with you and your dog. 

If you are passionate about the idea of field trials and are seeking to compete then our Course may not be suitable for your requirements and we would advise you work with someone more specialized in this field.