KC Rally and Obedience

Kennel Club Rally and Obedience training options.

KC Rally and Obedience

Kennel Club Rally and Obedience training options.

Kennel Club Rally came to the UK having been popular and well established in America for a number of years. Sarah and Stu have been competing with their dogs and enjoying the training involved with Rally and this has led to Little Orchard becoming more involved with the sport and having KC Rally listed status with the Kennel Club. Sarah, Stu and several Clients are qualified KC Rally judges.

How big is a Rally Course?

There are a number of Levels in Rally but everyone starts in Level 1. At Level 1 there are a maximum of 12 signs making up the Course plus a Bonus. As the level increases, the number of signs increases along with the difficulty of the tasks required. In level 6, there are a maximum of 18 signs.

What do our Courses Cover?

  • We now offer three levels of Courses.
  • Our “Starter” level Course is 8 weeks long and focuses on Levels 1,2 and 3. We introduce the idea of Rally and have a go at the basic signs.
  • Our “Intermediate” level Course is 10 weeks long and focuses on the level 3 & 4 signs, alongside training level 1 & 2 courses and also learning about scoring and judging courses.
  • We then have “Rally Club” which is an ongoing competition club with classes every week. This covers all levels of signs as well as judging and stewarding.

What is KC Rally?

Rally involves negotiating a Course made up of sign stations. Each sign represents a manoeuvre or exercise that must be completed by the dog and handler. Each handler starts with a Perfect Score of 200 (excluding the Bonus) and as you work around the Course, points are deducted for various things. A lot of the positions and skills needed for Rally are introduced during the Kennel Club Good Citizen training . Completing the KC Silver Award will give you a good start in Rally.

Some of the tasks we teach on all courses include

  • Focus work
  • Expanding clicker training skills
  • Working as a dog and handler team to train and problem solve
  • Loose lead walking
  • Waits and recalling
  • Teaching the heel position
  • How to teach the signs for the appropriate level

For more information about the rules and regulations around Rally, see the Kennel Club website by CLICKING HERE.

To download the latest KC Rally Rules and Regulations (The S Regs) CLICK HERE.

Sian and Merlie: “Rally is a fantastic way to build on basic obedience training and skills in a fun and more challenging environment. Working closely with your dog helps to strengthen your bond and develop your partnership, especially how you communicate and offer verbal and non verbal cues, and also helps your dog to develop greater focus so they listen to you and learn to overcome distractions..”

Edd and Merlin: “You’re not competing against others … just trying to get the best score you can with your dog whilst having lots of fun. The progression makes sense…start on lead working up to off lead. Can train anywhere…simply asking dog to sit or down etc when boiling the kettle or out on walks. Can decide which signs you would like to train and use those ones when you’re at home or you’re out in the garden or park etc. It’s open to all competitors and dogs. Just you and your dog working together and having lots of fun. The bond you get with your dog.”

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