Mind & Body and MAC

Mind & Body and MAC sessions offer a challenging, fun way to train and mentally stimulate the dogs.

Mind & Body and MAC

Mind & Body and MAC sessions offer a challenging, fun way to train and mentally stimulate the dogs.

Our Mind & Body and MAC (Multi Activity Course) training Courses are unique to Little Orchard and have been developed by us to strengthen the bond and partnership between you and your dog through fun and focus.

Both options will allow you to work on increasing your dogs confidence and skills. There is no test or exam at the end! The course aims to create lots of fun for dogs and their owners and look to further the handlers understanding and training skills.

Mind & Body

This is a 8 week course and is good for working or active dogs. It has also helped a lot of dogs that have found the formal training challenging or a little boring. The lessons increase core strength and body awareness whilst challenging the dogs mind through clicker training. We alternate each week between “Mind” sessions and “Body” sessions.

Dogs that have worked towards Good Citizen’s Silver award are invited to join the mind and body course. The course is aimed at owners that want to take part in progressive training and have lots of fun and strengthen the bond and understanding between them and their dog. The course can help you decide what training you may like to move onto and whether that is Agility, Rally, Gun dog or obedience.

Some of the tasks included in the course include

  • Clicker training for fun and focus
  • Free shaping and training behaviours – enhancing your clicker training skills
  • Forward focus work over low poles, new surfaces and obstacles
  • Foot awareness for front and back feet with stepping in, out and onto obstacles
  • Teaching new tricks
  • Working with footstools, hoops, mats, jump poles, wings and tyres as obstacles
  • Stays with distractions
  • Teaching your dog to settle
  • Games for mind stimulation
  • Heelwork to music moves to enhance fun and body awareness
  • Obedience and life skills to assist working dogs or those in training

MAC – Multi Activity Course

MAC is an 8 week course which allows dogs to experience a number of different activities within 1 course. We will do a lesson of each of the following during MAC:

  • Hoopers
  • Agility
  • KC Rally
  • Heelwork to Music
  • Obedience
  • Tricks and Games
  • Parkour
  • Fitness and Movement

Dogs that have taken part in the Good Citizen’s Bronze award are invited to join MAC.

Emma and Ronnie: “With a very reactive dog, the Multi Training Course classes that I am attending with Ronnie are perfect and so enjoyable. With something different every week from Obedience, Parkour, Rally, Hoopers, Agility. They all  work Ronnie’s brain, learning in a fun environment that builds confidence and our relationship together all helped under the guidance of Sarah at Little Orchard.

Ronnie thrives on having direction and guidance into doing the right thing and with all the fun activities they are not only helping to improve who he is but can also be used in all aspects of our day to day life and training.

The added bonus of working around other people and dogs is invaluable to us and at the end of the hour session when he is tired leads to a very peaceful afternoon. I would highly recommend.”

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