Puppy Courses

Puppy courses at Little Orchard

Puppy Courses

Puppy courses at Little Orchard

Little Orchard’s Puppy Training Courses follow the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award. This means that the Course is structured and has a number of exercises set by the Kennel Club that your Puppy should achieve by the end of the Course. More details of the puppy scheme can be found by CLICKING HERE

How long is the Course?

Our Puppy Course runs for 7 weeks with each session lasting for 1 hour. The lessons will take place at the same time and venue each week (unless you are notified in advance by one of the training team).

When can I start?

We always encourage owners to start socialising their puppy as early as possible with other puppies, well behaved adult dogs and people. Therefore, we advise you to book onto a Puppy Course after your puppy has had its first vaccination. For some Pups this may be at 8-9 weeks whilst for others it may be 12 weeks. We reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccination and will not allow an un-vaccinated Pup to mix with the other youngsters who may have only had their first vaccine. We aim to prevent future problems that are often related to incorrect socialisation.

Is my Puppy too old?

We allow Puppies onto the Course if they are 20 weeks old or below at the First Lesson.

What’s involved?

During the Course we ask you to think about how your puppy learns new things and what we can do to make learning situations as easy as possible. We encourage the use of praise, food and toy rewards. This will increase the bond between you and your puppy and make training both a lot easier and a lot more fun.

At Little Orchard the Puppy stays at home for the first lesson. This may sound strange but it allows all of the owners meet for a talk on common behaviour, training and health issues. This is where owners have an opportunity to have any questions answered and iron out any problems that may be specific to their puppy.

The puppies come along to the remaining 6 lessons and that’s when they get to have their say! We take you both through the structured lessons of training and socialisation.

The play carried out is very controlled as too much off lead or rough play is proven to create behaviour problems in later development.

Things we will help you and your puppy learn.

  • How to behave around other puppies, people and distractions
  • Hands are good things and not for biting
  • Coming back when called
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Sit down, stand and stay obedience
  • How to enjoy grooming and handling
  • How to greet an adult dog from our tutor team
  • Waiting and walking through doorways behind the leader
  • Fetching and leaving toys
  • Food manners with feeding bowls and taking treats gently

How can I follow my progress?

As this is a Kennel Club Course, you’ll be given a Puppy Foundation Assessment Diary at the beginning of your Course. Each week your progress will be charted by the instructor until all elements are marked as Passed.

The diary also allows you to keep a record of imnportant information such as Owner details, vaccine information and Family Tree. Alongside the diary Little Orchard has produced a series of weekly handouts that will be given at the end of the lesson with information about what has been covered and things to work on at home before the next session.

And finally, at the end of the Course if all goes well, you’ll receive the Puppy Foundation Assessment certificate and the Good Citizen Scheme Puppy rosette. Then comes the Bronze award……

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